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Speedy shoe repair services

Sunset Shoe Repair can repair any type of shoe damage and make them look brand new again. Listed here in the chart below is a comprehensive list of services we have to offer.


  • Vibram Lug Heels - $38

  • Vibram Lug Heels (Thick) - $40

  • Rubber Heels - $38

  • Combination Heels - $45

  • Half Leather Soles & Heels - $105

  • Full Leather Soles & Heels - $145

  • Waterproofing - $25

  • Vibram Full Rubber Soles with Heels - $90 to $120

  • Boot Stretch - $25 to $50

  • Shoe Stretch - $35

  • Boot Shine - $35



  • Rubber Heels - starting at $16.99, size dependent

  • Half Rubber Soles - $40

  • Half Leather Soles & Heels - $45 to $100

  • Waterproofing - $20

  • Boot Shine - $30

  • Half Rubber Soles - $45

  • Boot Stretch - $25

  • Shoe Stretch - $35


  • All prices approximate pending article inspection, Minimum Charge - $15

  • Finishing bags, purses, etc. - starting at $65

  • Dyeing, starting at $35

  • Zippers, starting at $38 to 75

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Cleaning for well loved shoes


Finding the perfect pair of shoes can become quite the mission. Taking into consideration your personal style, shoe size and fit, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your shoes. However, shoes can get old and need to be polished in order to keep their shin that is where our shoe cleaning service comes in!

When you visit our shop, we will take down all of your specifications and clean every inch of your shoes. We will also provide you with all the information to maintain the quality and longevity of your shoes. We sell shoe cleaning products and provide suede cleaning services as well. 


Leather repair for all articles

Leather is a staple fabric for every wardrobe. However, leather can become tattered and lose its luster after several years of use. Sunset Shoe Repair is a leather goods company that can help with all of your leather repair. We specialize in all things leather! 

A professional tailor will take all of your measurement so every piece fits perfectly if you are in need of leather alterations in order to repair the piece. If you leather has a tare or is starting to look dull you should consider our leather restoration service. We can sew up any holes and bring back the beautiful color your jacket used to have. Whether you need leather jacket repair, handbags repair, or other services, we can help. 

No matter what you are looking for, our leather repair services guarantees you look your very best in your custom made and repaired clothing. If you are looking for an excellent leather product shop, call Sunset Shoe Repair in San Francisco, CA today!

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